" The Divine Path of Light will be given to the world" - Doreal.

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BWT, Inc. Since 1930
BWT, Inc. 1930年 創立
BWT, Inc. 1930년 설립
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Brotherhood Of The White Temple, Inc. 
 "The Great Masters of Wisdom have the mighty purpose and plan of guiding man into the perfect Light of Truth. For the carrying out of this purpose, they have appointed certain ones to open the Pathway to the Light of higher spiritual Truth. One of these, so appointed, is Doreal, who, under the direction of the Elder Brothers found the Brotherhood of the White Temple as a channel through which knowledge of the Divine Path of Light would be given to the world." - Doreal.


Mastering Your Destiny                                                                         
Every person wants to master their life and the environment in which they live. Most persons fail to do so because they do not know how to use the Divine Laws of God in their everyday affairs. Many wise men of the past learned how to attune themselves with these mighty laws and use them and as a result became master of circumstances and things instead of being mastered by them. These men and women became the Adepts, the Masters so often referred to in occult lore. The Brotherhood knows these Laws and teaches them to worthy students who sincerely desire to take their place in the Divine Plan and work in harmony with these Laws.
  • We recognize health as a vital factor in development and teach occult and metaphysical healing.
  • We teach occult anatomy and the development of occult centers and powers.
  • We teach you how to master the circumstances of your own life so that you become master of it instead of mastered by it.
  • We teach the strange Mysteries of the East long hidden from Western man. Secrets of the Kabbala, Alchemy, Yoga, Gnosticism and the Ancient Mysteries are taught clearly and simply so that both beginner and advanced students will gain enlightenment from the first lesson.


You will be astounded at the knowledge gained by reading and applying the principles taught in the lessons.

The Brotherhood                                                       
The Brotherhood was formed in 1930 by Dr. Doreal as a channel for bringing the Ancient Wisdom to mankind. He has studied the Kabbala of the Hebrews, Christian Mysticism, Yoga and all other branches of the Ancient Wisdom. His teachings have reached students in all parts of the world: Over one million books and pamphlets written by Dr.Doreal have been distributed so that your instruction is directly from him. He carefully watches your progress and from time to time gives the individual instruction so necessary for progress. When a member has a problem, they may write for personal spiritual help.
We welcome Brotherhood Members to contact us to inquire into residency in Shamballa Ashrama. We ask that you be a Brotherhood member for a minimum of at least one year.



Why The Brotherhood Was Formed 


For many years, Dr. Doreal, the founder of the Brotherhood, taught the deeper forms of metaphysics, occultism and philosophy to selected students. Most of these had acquired a foundation of religious, mystical and spiritual lore preparatory to entering into the deeper work. It was found those who had done so were able to comprehend the deeper truths more quickly than those who had not had the proper foundation.


It is true that a great deal has been written on mysticism, philosophy and religion, but in great part these are approached from an individual, rather than a universal viewpoint. Dr. Doreal has contact with the Great White Lodge, the Elders Brothers of man, and is an agent for the foundation of the



Kingdom of the coming Golden Age.


The Brotherhood's intent is to bring together all sincere seekers who desire to establish the Golden Age of the Christ-Kingdom on earth. We know that this can only come about when men create an inner harmony and understanding and reflect the Christ-light into the outer, material world.


The Brotherhood believes that the time has now come for the mysteries to be revealed to the masses and for this reason has formed the College and Ancient Wisdom Teachings Lessons as a medium through which the things hinted at in the Bible may be revealed. Each word uttered by Jesus had two meanings, one open, the other concealed. When we are able to understand that the concealed meaning is the important one, we have an incentive to attempt its understanding.


Dr. Doreal knows that the time is at hand for the establishing of the Brotherhood of Man and the Christ-Kingdom on earth. The second coming of Christ will only manifest when man establishes a harmony of purpose, which will create a vibration attuned to the Christ Consciousness.




Church was founded to aid in bringing about this condition of harmony of thought and consciousness. Our desire is to bring to man a plan of life through which all good things can manifest in his life and eliminate the chaos, which manifests as negation, disorder, inharmony, poverty, war and hatred. It desires to bring about the harmony of purpose, which is the manifestation of the true Brotherhood of Man and oneness of purpose with God's plan.


The Church is founded for one purpose - to enable the individual to arrive at a greater understanding of the Divine Law so that he may take his place as a member of the Christ-Kingdom on earth.